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Team Nomination Form

January 18, 2019

OFFICIAL TEAM NOMINATION FORM – February 1, 2019 Deadline




TEAM NAME:                      _______________________________________________________



_____           Professional League Champion


_____           College National Champion


_____           High School State Champion


_____           Sectional Champion



Please use the reverse side of this form to officially nominate a team you feel is worthy of consideration for induction into the Greater Utica Sports Hall of Fame.  This form must be fully completed in order for the team to be considered for induction.  Also, please do NOT include more than (1) ONE additional sheet with this form.  If there is more than (1) ONE sheet, the nominee will NOT be considered for induction.





Please mail the completed nomination to:

                                                                                    Greater Utica Sports Hall of Fame

                                                                        Re: Nominating Committee

                                                                        PO Box 4607

                                                                        Utica, New York 13504-4607









NAME OF TEAM NOMINEE:                  ___________________________________________________


TEAM CONTACT PERSON:                     ___________________________________________________

ADDRESS OF CONTACT PERSON:            ___________________________________________________



PHONE NUMBER OF CONTACT PERSON:            _____________________________________________



SPORT:                     _____________________________________________________________


YEAR:                        __________________


TITLE(S):                  _____________________________________________________________






RECORD:                  _____________________________________________________________


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: (Use space provided or attach a one-page sheet to Nomination Form – you may use both sides of sheet)

















*****Please attach a roster and list of coaches to the Nomination Form*****



Nominator Name:                             ___________________________________________________


Nominator Address:                         ___________________________________________________




Nominator Phone Number:             ________________________________________________